About Us

We started SparkTemplates.com because we saw a need in the marketplace for a centralized source of easy-to-use pre-fab templates for all kinds of business and personal uses.

We are business professionals just like you who have spent a tremendous amount of time launching projects, organizing events and building businesses.  And with each of these activities comes an inordinate amount of time spent building business templates from scratch.

Too often we found ourselves scouring the internet for templates that should have been easy to find and coming up empty handed or finding sub-par examples that were more trouble to use than they were worth.

Realizing that each and every day many of you are in the same position as we were, we felt compelled to share our expertise and final products with you.  I think we all agree that you should be spending more time developing your business relationships and your business and less time building deliverables from scratch.

We are still in the process of growing our template database.  We hope you find the templates that we have are useful.  We continue to grow and improve a little bit every single day.  We have chosen event sponsorship and sponsorship package development as our first area of attack.  We have started to build out our content and templates related to event sponsorship and sponsorship packages because it is an especially neglected area of content on the internet.

That said, if you have a need for a specific type of template, we would love to hear from you via our contact form.  We want to help you with your work, and because we aren’t some big behemoth of a company (not yet), we may be willing to crank out a product designed to meet your specific needs and then add it to our product offering for others to benefit from as well.

We are excited at the opportunity to work together and hope to create a world where you can consistently work smarter and not harder.

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