Event Sponsorship Packages

event_sponsorshipAn event sponsorship package differs from a program sponsorship package because the emphasis is on the benefits that you will provide the sponsor on the day or days of the event.  While there are some ongoing benefits to an event sponsor, the most tangible benefit will come from the positive publicity and exposure you can generate on event day.  You can and should also offer sponsors a certain number of free or discounted admissions to your event, as well as preferred or VIP access to the event.   Make it clear in your event sponsorship package that becoming a sponsor will generate good exposure and be fun at the same time.

Be creative about how you can package and present benefits to prospective sponsors in your sponsorship package.  You may want to consider developing several mini events within your event that can be individually sponsored.  For example, if you are putting on a golf event, you might select several special holes to offer for individual sponsorship with some sort of theme or twist.  Your event will drive the details of how this looks, but the concept is the same.

Depending on the type and size of the event you are producing, you may want to consider making a “title” sponsorship available.  Title sponsorship can be very beneficial to both your event and your title sponsor.  However, be aware that title sponsorship is a tricky business and needs to be planned carefully.  If you are going to build your brand around a title sponsor, you really want that sponsor to make more than a single year commitment to your event.  Don’t take title sponsorship lightly and carefully consider the ramifications of taking on a title sponsor before you build your event sponsorship package.  Make sure you price that tier in your sponsorship levels properly and make sure you indicate clearly that this level of sponsorship requires a multi-year commitment.  And finally, assume that you won’t get a title sponsor during your planning; that way you can live without one but you’ll celebrate if you get one.

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