Corporate Event and Sponsorship Templates

We started because we saw a need in the marketplace for a centralized source of easy-to-use pre-fab templates for all kind of business, personal, and other uses. 

Too often we found ourselves scouring the internet for templates that should have been easy to find and coming up empty handed or finding sub-par examples that were more trouble to use than they were worth.

We are still in the process of growing our template database.  We hope you find the templates we have useful.  We continue to grow and improve a little bit every single day.  We have chosen event sponsorship and sponsorship package development as our first area of attack.  We have started to build out our content and templates related to event sponsorship and sponsorship packages because it is an especially neglected area of content on the internet.

That said, if you have a need for a specific type of template, we would love to hear from you.  We want to help you with your work.  And because we aren't some big behemoth of a company (not yet), we may be willing to crank out a product designed to meet your specific needs.

Why Sponsorship?

Many organizations and events use corporate sponsorships to control costs and increase revenue. Many groups, especially non-profits, depend on events to generate operating revenue. Sponsorships are regularly utilized by these types of events to cover base costs and manage risk.

Sponsorship Packages

A sponsorship package is essentially a tool for event or organization promoters to pitch their entity to corporate sponsors. A good sponsorship package will give potential sponsors several levels of sponsorship to choose from and will make it very clear what they can expect in return.

Sponsorship Proposal

More than any other document, your sponsorship proposal letter can make or break your search for corporate or private sponsorship. Learn what makes the difference between a successful sponsorship proposal letter and one that bears little or no fruit.