Sponsorship Package Examples

One of the best ways to understand what your sponsorship package might end up looking like is to look at some examples.  The best sponsorship package examples to use are ones that other events or organizations like yours have produced.  Of course, you can use the internet to hunt these examples down if you want to, but we have managed to compile a list of several well executed sponsorship packages, as well as one that makes some mistakes.  Use these examples to help you understand what makes a great sponsorship package great.

Example Sponsorship Package #1 : Terminal City Roller Girls

We love this sponsorship package because it is visually stunning and gives the prospective sponsor an easy to understand visual representation of the sponsorship levels that are available and what benefits each of these levels includes.  The sponsorship package is engaging and easy to understand and you can see that the producers have put significant effort into making their sponsorship package stand out.  If you have access to a graphic designer, then by all means, you should consider using their services to visually enhance your sponsorship package as they clearly have done here.  This sponsorship package also gives sponsors the opportunity to tailor a level using an a la carte approach, which is interesting.  Sponsors are also given everything they need to complete the process right in the package.  GRADE: A+

Example Sponsorship Package #2 : Triple Threat Basketball

We included this example sponsorship package because it is very typical of the packages that most often are produced.  All of the information you would expect to find is present, the package gives sponsors several sponsorship levels to choose from and delineates the benefits of each respective level.  The organization does a good job of summarizing their market position and history and overall, everything is done properly.  This is a solid sponsorship package.  What is lacks is visual engagement and polish.  Clearly, this crew did not have a graphic designer at their disposal.  GRADE: B+

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