Corporate Sponsorship Proposals

If you need to recruit sponsors for your event or non-profit, you will first need a professional sponsorship proposal.  Your sponsorship proposal, sometimes called a sponsorship package, normally consists of a sponsorship proposal letter and an accompanying document that offers sponsors several different sponsorship options.  Both of these documents are vital.  Your sponsorship proposal letter is where you will pitch the possiblity of a sponsor relationship.

Sponsorship Proposal Cover Letter

Your sponsorship proposal letter is a critical part of your sponsorship package.  This letter is your primary opportunity to capture the imagination of a prospective sponsor and to and help them envision how a relationship with your organization can be beneficial to them.  If you fail to create a shared vision, your chances of being sponsored are poor.

Sponsorship proposals are ultimately sales pitches in which you show your prospective sponsors a vision of shared success that is both believable and backed up by data.  It can be difficult for non-profits to think about their organizations as commercial advertising vehicles, but selling a sponsorship opportunity is exactly this.

Sponsorship Levels

Once your sponsorship proposal letter has piqued your prospective sponsor's interest, they will need more information about exactly what benefits they can purchase from you and at what cost.  Corporate sponsors need to get something, normally some combination of advertising, public accolade and VIP treatment, in exchange for their financial support.  Sponsors who decide to commit will want to know what types of sponsorship are being offerred and at what cost.  This data will inform their decisionmaking and allow them to match their budget to your proposal in a way that makes sense for them.

The benefits you can offer in your sponsorship levels document must be calibrated to match your total funding needs you needs.


Creating a sponsorship proposal is something every organization that is serious about attracting sponsors must do well.  Matching what you can offer with partners who can benefit in tangible ways from a relationship with you is the essence of what a sponsorship really is.  Sponsors have limited budgets and must maximize the benefit of these dollars to their businesses.  They must be selective.  A convincing, professional sponsorship proposal will give prospective sponsors a very clear idea of who you are and why they should fund your organization over others.

Your sponsorship proposal should give prospective corporate and private sponsors several sponsorship levels, so they can choose the level of sponsorship that best suits their budget and level of interest.

Sponsorship Proposal Kit